The media library has a varied collection that pays special attention to fields such as literature, comics, physical activity, health, leisure and free time, audio-visuals and the disclosure of science. All the information in its various forms is freely accessible and grouped in search categories that are easily identifiable and recognisable for the public.

  • 1st Floor:

    day-to-day information areas and the newspapers and periodicals library. This floor is also designed to attract younger users, with a work room, an area for infants and an area for parents. Librarians are on hand to answer any doubts that users may have.

 First Floor - Mediateka

  • (+ info) (plano de la primera planta con cada una de las secciones y el mapa de signaturas correspondiente; cuando entremos en “real” habrá que colocar el plano y el mapa de signaturas del que hablamos)

    2nd Floor: 

    mostly given over to audiovisuals, science, technology and self-learning. Here, users can surf the Internet, listen to the music, try out the area devoted to comics (with special attention to female writers) and obtain information on sport, nutrition, wellness and first-time access to housing and employment.

 Second Floor - Mediateka

  • 3rd Floor:

    the ideal place to lose oneself in novels, essays and literature in numerous languages; a place to increase your knowledge of other countries and cultures and investigate other pastimes, such as journeys, gastronomy or gardening. A place to enjoy oneself, where time spent is time gained.

 Third - Mediateka